Altavault – Helping move your data to the Cloud in a Cost effective fashion

Over the last year, I’ve had many conversations with customers who are looking to move their data to the Cloud.Obviously for each customer the type of data varies based on a number of factors including applications being used,business model, geographical location of DC / Branches etc. However primary concerns seems to be around getting the data to the cloud in an easy cost effective fashion and the degree of  control over their data once its in the cloud including moving data out when required – Kind of reminds me of Google’s driverless cars – helps people get from place to place but someone else seems to be control . In this post we’ll focus on how to get the data to the cloud using Altavault technology in the most cost effective fashion . I will cover how NetApp helps customers maintain control over their data in a later post

Alta stands for ‘high’ in spanish and Vault  means jump over or leap over – The technology acts as a cloud gateway which can de-dupe,compress,and encrypt the data before its send to the cloud vendor of choice.The data could be residing on servers(DAS) or external storage and using a backup software ,we can move data to the Altavault platform. A CIFS share or NFS export can be created as a target on the Altavault.One of the key elements to remember is that as the Altavault is Cloud Gateway, it needs to be setup with Cloud credentials as a target ie you cannot operate this without connecting to Cloud


There are different ways in which Altavault is sold today which includes

  1. Physical Appliance – AVA400 and AVA800
  2. Virtual Appliances – AVA -v8, AVA-v16, AVA-v32
  3. Cloud Appliances – AVA-c4, AVA-c8, AVA-c16


The physical appliances are highly scalable and can scale from 48TB(12x4TB) to 576TB (96x6TB) and maximum ingest performance can range from 6TB/hr to 9.2TB/hr depending on physical platform – They have 10Gb and 1Gb ports that can be used

The virtual appliances are quite interesting as well as they can be deployed quite easily in ESXi or Hyper-V with local usable capacities of 8TB, 16TB and 32TB depending on the model

From a Cloud appliances perspective it is important to note that AVA-c4 is the only model available in both AWS(Amazon Web services) and Azure(Microsoft Cloud).AVA-c8 and AVA-c16 can be deployed in AWS only .

My perspective on the technology

The wide range of compatibility with backup software vendors and Public & Private Clouds is quite cool as a wide range of vendors are supported.The fact that we can backup from ‘any platform’ (doesn’t have to be a NetApp platform) to the Altavault and to any Cloud provides a lot of flexibility and choice for a customer.Another interesting aspect about Altavault is the data reduction technologies, which include Inline de-duplication and Inline compression, along with encryption capabilities ensures reduction of footprint in cloud i.e. actual capacity used in Cloud (which does affect your monthly bill from the Cloud vendor!) and alleviates security concerns around data in transit to cloud

I will admit it would have been nice to have the option to run the Altavault device as a standalone disk backup target without having to hook it up with cloud services – However taking into consideration the rate at which cloud is being adopted, it makes perfect sense

Thanks for reading !

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