A Day at the NetApp EBC in Amsterdam

Happy Easter to everybody 🙂 Last week was a very good week for myself particularly with all the travelling between Amsterdam – Geneva – Taize (France) – London. However one of the main highlights of my week was the 2 day visit to the NetApp EBC – In two words – Simply Amazing

I was lucky to be part of the team to go to the NetApp EBC with some of the top sales and Technical folks from one of our resellers (Insight direct) and got a chance in person to be part of the EBC experience. From the moment you step in the building, you are well taken care of by a fantastic team who had arranged everything for the next couple of days . Particularly worth noting was the large screen with all NetApp partners,distributors and customers

There was various presentations covered by Grant Caley (NetApp CTO), Clemens Siebler (Senior Architect/TME , EPG), Flashman (Laurence James) amongst various other brilliant speakers. The NetApp view point into the future of technology and various discussion on current technology topics including Containers, Hyper-Converged was very interesting. Some of the highlights (IMO) include the below

  1. Flexpod Infrastructure Automation – A technology build by NetApp along with Cisco using UCS Director to simplify process for deployment of entire Flexpod stack including NetApp controllers,Cisco 9K switches and servers with ESXi . The new deployment model will reduce time to deploy to about 1hr!!! – This means you get the ease of deployment (something that most people like about Hyper-converged solutions!) and the best of breed technology from a Infrastructure perspective – Below is a link to a 5 minute demo of the same  – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=50l0QxI-tG0
  2. Flash and Trash – Primarily this will mean the usage of All Flash for all Primary workloads and Object storage (Trash) for Archives and Backup on Cloud (Amazon S3) or Private Cloud – There is a few interesting videos on NetApp and Storage Field Day 9 (SFD9) which does touch upon what NetApp is looking to do in this space http://techfieldday.com/appearance/netapp-presents-at-storage-field-day-9/
  3. Cloud ONTAP – There are some interesting enhancements coming to Cloud ONTAP specially Azure – watch this space out – in between if interested check this video out as well – Video on using Cloud Manager API’s for Cloud ONTAP

As I end this post, all I want to say is thanks to Lucero AlonsoCanero and Craig Menzies for hosting us on the day – EBC will hold a special place in the heart for sure 🙂

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