Building the Next Generation Datacenter with NetApp and Solidfire

Last week was a remarkable week in Storage technology with NetApp completing the acquisition of Solidfire!

Ever since NetApp publicly announced their intention to acquire Solidfire in December, there has been a lot of talk about what will NetApp do with Solidfire, how will NetApp position their Flash portfolio, the future of ONTAP (yeah, this is a weird one for anyone who has taken a proper look at NetApp’s Data Fabric!) amongst several others.

There are a lot of excellent blogs that shed light on some of these questions with the below two being ones that I liked the most


My perspective:

Architecture is fundamentally an important aspect for any technology and having/building the right architecture depends to a large extent on understanding the future needs of the market. SolidFire’s highly flexible architecture provides customers with capability to scale non disruptively to 100 nodes taking advantage of white-box economics and at the same time providing consistent guaranteed performance to multiple tenants in a secure multi-tenant environment. Add storage efficiency technologies into the mix, we have a very strong proposition. SolidFire systems also have some other very interesting integrations which include (but are not limited to) :

  1. Openstack : Provides excellent Cinder integration and can be deployed very quickly. Fully compatible with Swift object storage for integrated backup and restore
  2. Automation : Full automated provisioning including integration with configuration management tools like Puppet (
  3. Docker Plug-in : Plug-in for Docker containers to create persistent storage while providing performance guarantees for each data volume
  4. REST API Integration – Robust native REST based API integration

With this extremely astute acquisition, NetApp are embracing themselves and helping their customers prepare for the future. SolidFire’s strong play in Cloud like Services and third platform service is a perfect fit with NetApp’s own strategy around these services and possibly could be a key part of this amazing fabric that NetApp are building together giving customers even more choice, control and flexibility

Personally, I am very excited and am looking forward to learning loads more about SolidFire in the coming weeks!

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